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  1. Cat Island “Fared Pretty Well” Says Administrator
    As of Thursday, October 6, 2016

    Tribune Staff Reporter

    CAT Island administrator Jackson McIntosh says the island “fared well” during Hurricane Matthew.

    “There has been no report of injury or emergencies and we fared pretty well here in Cat Island,” he told The Tribune shortly before 8.30am on Thursday.

    It continues to rain on Cat Island, however. Mr McIntosh said he and an emergency team are set to begin travelling round the island to assess the storm’s impact.
    “We have not been impacted that greatly as far as we know as yet,” he said. “We had tropical storm conditions. There’s been no reporting of flooding or surge damages so far. We had on and off rain throughout last night and high winds of about 70 to 80mph. The winds weren’t sustained long enough to leave major damage though. We lost power at six yesterday but our telecommunications system is still up.”

    Mr McIntosh’s assessment of Matthew’s impact on the island fits into a pattern emerging as the storm departs the southern Bahamas.

    Island administrators for Long Island and Inagua have also said their islands fared reasonably well during the storm, reporting no loss of life, emergency situations or widespread damage to people’s properties.

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