Friday 9 Sept 2017, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Cuba and the southern islands of the Bahamas. Irma continues its WNW path with winds that have slowed to 150MPH and the outer edges of the storm are bringing wind and rain to Cat Island. Our prayers continue with everyone on Cat and in the Bahamas. PCBC reports they are all battened down. The Donaldson’s are also waiting out the storm at their home on Pigeon Cay. Alan Crawford in the North reported that power will be shut-down on Cat at noon on Friday. An updated satellite image is shown below from 8AM Friday morning.

A webcam from the BC Hilton in Nassau provides panning online live video feed (you can mute the music and live sound if wanted):

And a short video from 10 EDT this morning at Shanna Bay, courtesy of Alan Crawford.

The following are three online resources for tracking the Hurricanes (Irma and a few days later Jose is expected to pass well to the east of the Bahamas);

And some Bahamas News websites: