Cat Island is powered by the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. Home Owners can now view and pay thier electricity bill online at You will need your 12 digit account number (including the hyphen in the middle, and the two digit cycle and route numbers, which are 21 and 11 for all of Cat Island. You can call the BEC office in the Cove on Cat at 1+242.342.8001 to get your account information. You will need to create a PIN, which is actually a password that is at least 5 characters in length with numbers and at least one lower case letter.

Island power is the North American standard (110VAC 60Hertz). US and Canadian visitors will not need any adapters to plug in. Please note that most newer electronics all include a universal power adapter that will operate in the Bahamas with the correct electrical prongs to adapt the physical connectors from your home country if traveling from outside North America.