While there are two medical clinics on Cat Island (Orange Creek 242-354-4050, North of Pigeon Cay and Smith’s Bay 242-342-3026, South of Pigeon Cay) and very capable nurses to assist with most minor medical emergencies, there is only one doctor and he alternates between the two clinics. Every home should have a complete First Aid kit with bandages, wound cleaning supplies and topical antibacterial ointments or salves. When visiting be sure to always bring more than enough prescription medications and other items you might need that may not be available on the island; like contact lens soaking solution, Aleve or other NSAID pain relievers.

In the case of a serious medical emergency requiring rapid airlift evacuation we suggest Divers Alert Network which offers a low cost medical evacuation insurance for any kind of medical emergency approved by a local physician. Other options exists and often your own major medical health plan may provide this coverage, so check before heading out to the Bahamas.