Homes on Pigeon Cay use rain water collected in private cisterns to supply each home with all its water needs. There is a water service that will deliver 2,000 gallons of chlorine treated ground water for $50 plus 7.5% VAT. The water is delivered by Donny Newbold, who can be reached on his mobile number 242-464-8331. Be sure to call Donny at least a couple of days in advance of needing water to avoid going without.

Most homes here use both a whole house filter to remove sediment for bathing and showering and then add a second finer filter, or even a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and ice makers. Replacement filters can be found at Ms. Margret Cleare’s Orange Creek grocery, along with bottled drinking water.

Always keep several gallons of fresh water on hand per person in case the power goes out and there is no water pump to supply drinking water.