Cat Island is one of the ‘family islands’ of the Bahamas. The Bahamas are a Caribbean nation that gained its independence on July 10, 1973, from Great Britain. Most islands and cays (pronounced ‘keys’) in the Bahamas are relatively flat and Cat Island is home to the highest elevation of 216 feet, Mount Alvernia, just outside the town of New Bight near the center of the island.IMG_2992
    Important facts about Cat Island

  • There is now one Bank of the Bahamas in Smith’s Bay, south of Pigeon Cay with an ATM, but it is still highly recommended to bring sufficient cash for food, meals, rentals and activities.
  • The US Dollar is on par with the Bahamian Dollar, and either is usually accepted so don’t bother with exchanging currencies.
  • Cat Island is about 40 miles long and averages 1 to 2 miles across.

Getting to Pigeon Cay
What to Pack
Food and Dining
The interactive map below, provided by John Drage, highlights some helpful locations on Cat Island by clicking on the colored dot. (Give the map a few seconds to load)