On our last stay we learned from Monie that roads that couldn’t be driven on in her childhood were called ‘donkey roads’ since they had to get out of the vehicle and ride a donkey to pass over them. Sadly, our road at Pigeon Cay is becoming a donkey road. It’s been ten years since it was last filled and leveled and four years since Ned did some much needed filling, which has now all been either washed away from rain or driven away by driving too fast.

It’s time to make some much needed repairs, fixing the worst parts of the road between the main entrance and just beyond PCBC, the area that always deteriorates first. The repairs will involve filling the holes, then compacting and leveling the road. The cost to do this much needed work is about $4,000 and Peter Christie is picking up $1,000, leaving only $3,000 for the property owners. If each property owner can pay $150 we can have our road back in drivable condition by the upcoming holidays.

To make this $150 as simple as possible, I’ve created a page on GoGetFunding.com to handle the collection of the funds to keep it separate from my personal account. Simply click on the link and make your contribution. This allows everyone to see how we’re doing towards meeting our goal of $3,000. Victoria and I will be back to Cat in early December so we look forward to seeing as many of our neighbors and friends then and to driving on a much improved road.

Resurfacing the road is something we need to consider for a later date as that will cost around $30,000. For now, these are critical repairs needed as soon as possible, as anyone that’s driven on the road this year can attest. If you have any questions please email James Honeycutt (james@pigeoncay.org).

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